ArtistWorks Missy Raines Bluegrass Bass Lessons Online Review

Artistworks Missy Raines Bluegrass Bass Lesson Review

Artistworks Missy Raines Bluegrass Bass Lesson Review

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If you are a bass enthusiast, the odds are that you are familiar with Missy Raines, one of the most decorated bassists in the history of International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA). The good news is that you can now take her bluegrass bass lessons online with at Artistworks. It’s a comprehensive online course geared towards bass players of all styles and levels of play.

Missy Raines has poured her wealth of experience and rich knowledge of playing the bass at a professional level for years into a fabulous video library that comprises hundreds of high-quality bass lessons. The seven-time “Bass Player of the Year” takes a fresh and unique approach to teach bass, with lots of exercises, techniques, and practice styles to keep students captivated. Unlimited access to backing tracks, tabs, exclusive guest interviews, and other study materials is the icing on the cake for the students.

With a vibrant community of bass enthusiasts and players from across the globe, it is easy to share and get support. Ultimately, what makes Missy’s online bluegrass bass lessons at ArtistWorks stand out is the ability to submit practice videos directly to her via Video Exchange platform. Missy Raines reviews each video submission and provides thoughtful feedback on how to improve. Together with music theory workshop, the interactive nature of the lessons can help you unlock your bassist genius.

ArtistWorks Bluegrass Bass Lesson Online with Missy Raines Review

artistworks Missy Raines

Crowned the ‘Bass Player of the Year’ seven times by the IMBA, Missy Raines is a superstar in the bluegrass bass space. In fact, she is the most celebrated and honored bassist in the history of the bluegrass bass community. Born in 1962 in Short Gap, West Virginia, Missy Raines is a world’s renowned bassist, a recording music artist, songwriter, and teacher, all wrapped into one.

In her colorful and decorated career spanning over 25 years, Raines has taught bass lessons at several different levels, toured & performed across the globe, and inspired many professionals in the bluegrass bass world.

In the early 1980s, Missy Raines was part of the Cloud Valley, a modern bluegrass band; with Steve Smith on Mandolin, Charlie Rancke on the Guitar, and Bill Evans on the Banjo. She’s currently part of a progressive bluegrass superband, Helen Highwater Stringband, alongside David Grier, Mike Compton, and Shad Cobb. Missy has also performed with bass stars like Claire Lynch, Jim Hurst, Don Rigsby, David Harvey, Mac Wiseman, Eddie & Martha, Josh Graves, and Kenny Baker.

Missy’s own band called The New Hip is trailblazing for a new era that bridges the genres of jazz and newgrass. Before joining ArtistWorks to teach bluegrass bass in 2011, Missy Raines had taught the instrument at several music camps, chambers, and workshops.


Student Experience

Missy Raines online bass lessons take a rather refreshingly unique approach to keep the student interested and engaged. Considering her deep knowledge and experience in the world of bluegrass bass, Missy’s lessons are surprisingly easy to grasp and learnable. That’s because the lessons are amazingly interactive, engaging the student from day 1.

The lessons are broken down into smaller, easy to learn bits. However, it’s Missy’s aim to get you playing the instrument right from the start. As you’d expect, the course is designed especially for students of all levels of experience and style of play. Whether you’re a newbie, intermediate or advanced student, you’ll fit right in!

Once you sign up, you’ll get unlimited access to Missy’s own Video Exchange library teeming with hundreds of top-quality bass lessons. They complimented by a series of tabs, backing tracks, and other study materials.

As if that isn’t wonderful enough, students are exposed to a worldwide community of bluegrass bass enthusiasts on the platform. The AW Live! monthly broadcast also helps enrich the student experience.

The highlight of course, however, is being able to record yourself practicing, and send the video for review by Missy Raines herself. You can expect to a video with all the tips and advice on how to take your bass play and skills to the next level.


The video library is broken down into lessons especially for the different level of experience.

The Beginner Bass lessons are geared towards novice players just starting out in the world of bass. They include introductory lessons and exercises videos to positions, strings, general concepts, minor scales, thumb techniques, and more.

Intermediate Bass lessons are for those looking to take it up a notch with techniques like numbering system, slapping, embellishments, and so on. Professional students might feel comfortable taking Advanced Bass lessons, including favorite techniques such as grooving with Mandolin.

Paul Kowert’s instructions on tuning, articulation, etc. are also a special part of the curriculum.

Key Features

  • Video Exchange Learning Platform
  • Hundreds of amazing bass lessons
  • A worldwide community of bass enthusiasts


  1. Lots of backing tracks, tabs, and other exercises across instruments
  2. Unlimited access to 100s of top-notch bluegrass bass lessons
  3. Play bass with the most decorated bassist and teacher in the genre
  4. All levels of experience and styles are welcome


  1. Might be a little pricey for some players


Bluegrass Bass Lessons Online with Missy Raines is a fun, comprehensive, and interactive way to learn bass at your own pace. The ArtistWorks Video Exchange platform and vibrant community of bass enthusiasts from all over the world will help keep you engaged and learning in no time!