ArtistWorks Michael Daves Bluegrass Vocals Lessons Online Review

Artistworks Michael Daves Bluegrass Vocals Lesson Review

Artistworks Michael Daves Bluegrass Vocals Lesson Review

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Artistworks is one of the largest online education platforms available today. Boasting of the best teachers, many of whom are famous musicians themselves, there is nowhere better to learn how to be a successful artist and musician online. You can learn practically any genre and style of music on Artistworks; you name it and they have it. The one thing that sets Artistworks apart from other online platforms is its video exchange learning feature that allows students and their famous instructors to interact with one another while online.

If you have always wanted to become a powerful bluegrass performer, then you should seriously consider taking Micheal Daves’s bluegrass vocals lesson on Artistworks. The truth is that the majority of bluegrass music is detailed in terms of licks and notes. As such, it is not always the easiest genre to get started with or master. Fortunately, bluegrass singing, unlike many folk styles out there, is something that you learn and there is no one better to learn from than an accomplished bluegrass musician of Daves’s stature.

About Michael Daves

In the genre of bluegrass that is filled with hot names, Michael Daves has managed to make a name for himself as not only a fine performer but also a great teacher. Today in his 40s, Daves first came into the limelight thanks to his duets with Chris Thile. Over the past 10 or so years, Daves has proven his prowess in the bluegrass guitar and of course, on the mandolin.

With an easily recognizable style, Daves has worked and recorded with some of the greatest names in his field including the likes of Tony Trischka. He has released several solo projects, with his most recent one being a double album titled Orchids and Violence that was made with the assistance of an all-star band that includes names such as Noam Pikelny on banjo, Michael Bub on bass, Sarah Jarosz on mandolin and Brittany Haas on the fiddle.

ArtistWorks Bluegrass Vocals Lesson Online with Michael Daves Review


The Curriculum

If you have ever attended a singing course, it is essential to know straight off the bat that this is not a typical singing course that involves intensive vocal exercises all through. With Michael Daves bluegrass vocals lesson, you will not learn fundamental singing techniques. Instead, Michael Daves will teach you the bluegrass style of singing. Daves will breakdown various bluegrass songs and teach you how to sing them with unique nuances of the style.

Daves’s vocals lesson is categorized into 3 sections that can be tackled by beginner, intermediate or advanced musicians. All the levels are based on ear training which is great because even when basic music theory covering scales and triads is being discussed, Daves will also include ear training exercises that will make it easy for students to practice. Other than teaching you how to sing the melody, Daves will also teach you how to recognize chords and harmonize when singing.

The most amazing feature of the lessons, however, is the video exchange system that allows you to receive personal feedback from Daves himself. After watching the pre-recorded lessons, you as the student can record yourself performing before uploading your recording to the video exchange platform.

Daves will review and critique your performance and send you a video response after he is done so that you can continue to improve and make necessary corrections. Please note that when you record a video exchange, other students on the platform will also be able to view the exchange and learn from what you have been taught by Daves.



Daves’s lesson on Artistworks is a complete signing course for anyone that wants to become a successful bluegrass singer or for anyone that is looking to improve on their singing skills. It does not matter what stage you are in your career, whether you are a complete beginner, have been in the game for years, or are returning to bluegrass and you are looking to revive your skills; anyone can take this course.

When it comes to bluegrass, it is especially important that you learn the music if you are going to be a success. Although there is an array of great resources online that can allow you to sit and learn on your own, you do not really get the gist of performing until you interact with an instructor of Daves’s caliber.

What the ArtistWorks payment entails

When you sign up, you have the option of choosing between a three month, 6-month and 12-month plan. The most basic three-month plan will cost you an affordable fee of $105 per month. The 6-month plan will cost you $179 while the 12-month plan will cost $ 279. The basic plan will give you:

  • Unlimited access to the bluegrass vocals lessons
  • An unlimited ability to upload video exchanges with your teacher. You will also enjoy unlimited access to the videos exchange library
  • Access to the music theory workshop
  • Backing tracks for all instruments
  • Additional bonus content to improve your singing


If you are a bluegrass musician or vocalist, this class is worth taking. Daves’ s class will not only be great for your resume especially if you are a rising bluegrass player, but Daves will also share some useful insights that will make you a better musician and performer. As Daves goes through a carefully selected set of obscure and popular bluegrass tines, you will be amazed by his instrumental technique that you could aspire to.

Daves’s lesson on Artistworks consists of a lot of vocal work that covers many different facets such as how to translate melody to fit with your instrument, how to maintain ornamentation, as well as phrasing. Even if you do not consider yourself a country or bluegrass singer, there is still plenty that you can learn from the course that will benefit you greatly as Daves delves deeply into interpretation, which can be applied easily to any genre of music that you are in.

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