ArtistWorks Luis Conte Percussion Lessons Online Review

ArtistWorks Luis Conte Percussion Lesson Review

ArtistWorks Luis Conte Percussion Lesson Review

If you are looking for online percussion lessons to turn you into the percussionists that you were always meant to be, then look no further than Luis Conte’s online lessons.

Offered in both English and Spanish by this Grammy award-winning expert, Luis has made it very easy to sign up for these lessons. He has also amassed a wide range of high-resolution instructional videos covering various percussion styles from Cuban to pop music.

Having consolidated a reputation in industry circles for his tasteful musicality and impeccable technique, it is better to get your online percussion lessons from than from one of the most prolific percussionists on the planet.

ArtistWorks Percussion Lesson Online with Luis Conte Review

ArtistWorks Luis Conte

Luis Conte has been making rounds in the music awards circuit for decades. As a matter of fact, you cannot really talk about revered living percussionists without mentioning Luis Conte.

As a Grammy award-winning musician, Luis has worked with everybody and anybody from Phil Collins, Ozzy Osborne, and Tony Bennet to Shakira, Celine Dion, and Ray Charles- the list goes on and on. As such, not only does he bring experience to the table but he also brings his award-winning technique, which is priceless in many eyes. Luis is one of the greatest percussionists of his time.

The student experience

These online percussion lessons with Luis are unlike anything that you have encountered before. Although delivered via the internet, students really benefit from the private lesson-esque experience that is offered by the entire ArtistWorks Drum Academy. Like all instructors on ArtistWorks, Luis encourages students to utilize the Video Exchange feature to communicate one on one with him.

How this works is that anyone that has subscribed to the program, whether a beginner or advanced, can use the Video Exchange feature to submit videos of themselves performing or asking questions directly to Luis. Luis will then review the submissions and respond individually via video to every student that sent in a query.

These exchanges are the posted online so that any student that has subscribed can learn from Luis’ critique and so that students can also learn from each other. What this creates is a type of virtual classroom, where everyone stands to benefit from each other’s failures and successes.

The curriculum

Because these percussion lessons online with Luis have been hosted under the ArtistWorks Drum network, there are hundreds upon hundreds of high-quality instruction videos just waiting to be viewed. Not only has Luis gone above and beyond to ensure that the videos are comprehensive without being too lengthy, but he has also made it easy to do things like loop videos or play them in slow motion so that you can get the nitty gritty of his technique.

The lessons cover a wide range of percussion styles and rhythms so you can be certain that the kind of learning that you will be getting is top notch. Some of the styles and rhythms covered in the videos include Cha-cha, Columbia, bembe, salsa, guaguanco, songo, merengue, samba, and even hip-hop! Luis also focuses on teaching technique on a number of instruments like guiro, timbales, bongos, and anything that you can think of that fall in between.

Best of all, you can attend these online lessons and choose whether you want to view your videos in English or Spanish- if that is not some flexibility for you, what is? Even when students submit their videos under the video exchange platform, Luis responds in both languages depending on what the student prefers.

Percussion lessons online with Luis are available for students of all proficiencies, from beginners to advanced players. The subscription fees are affordable for the quality of education that one will receive and range from $90 for a three-month package, $150 for the six-month package, and $240 for the twelve-month one. If you intend on signing up as an advanced player, you would get more value for your money by signing up for the 12-month subscription so consider it.


Key Features

  • Hundreds of lessons are available for students to explore
  • Students of all proficiencies are welcome to sign up
  • You have the ability to slow down or loop videos
  • Video Exchange platform as well as archives of these exchanges
  • A vibrant community of percussionists that are also learning and growing
  • A workshop on music theory


  • If you have ever wanted to ask Luis or any Grammy award-winning artist a question, the video exchange feature can allow you to. Not only will Luis assist but he will be able to help you individually, which is rare and great.
  • Affordable with the cheapest option being $90 for a three-month subscription.
  • The technology used is cutting edge and allows students to take full advantage of Luis’ technique thanks to the high resolution.
  • Students can really benefit from the private lesson experience, all while getting to learn a variety of techniques, rhythms, and
  • It is open to students that perform at all levels.


The Luis Conte School of Percussion is everything that it promises to be and more. Anyone that has scoured the internet for a high-quality percussion lesson will be pleasantly surprised by the features, the easy navigation of the site and the high-resolution instructional videos.

These lessons also come with perks, one of them being the online community of students that help to create that vibrant and highly interactive learning environment that will force you to succeed. Definitely worth signing up and staying.


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