ArtistWorks Lari White Country Vocals Lessons Online Review

Artistworks Lari White Country Vocals Lesson Review

Artistworks Lari White Country Vocals Lesson Review

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ArtistWorks is one of the most multifaceted and in-depth musical lesson platforms available online today. With ArtistWorks, any musician of any level, whether beginner or advanced can learn how to improve their musical skills in the comfort of their home. Not only can one learn how to be a vocalist in any genre, but you can also learn how to play an array of musical instruments including woodwind, piano, bass, guitar, and even the mandolin.

What sets ArtistWorks apart from other online schools is its selection of world-renowned teachers and of course its standout feature, which refers to the video exchange feature. This feature allows students to submit practice lessons so that the instructor can review them and offer a personal response designed to aid each student’s progress.

If you are an aspiring country vocalist or musician, then you should definitely consider taking Lari White’s country vocals lesson on ArtistWorks. White, who had been a renowned performer for decades, took her extensive knowledge to create one of the most comprehensive country vocal lessons yet.

About Lari White

Lari White was a renowned Grammy-winning singer-songwriter, producer and actress. She began her singing career at the tender age of 4 and continued singing until her passing in 2018 after a short battle with peritoneal cancer. As a singer, she managed to attain 6 top 20 hits and as an actor, she appeared alongside Tom Hanks in the movie Cast Away. In addition to her super successful recording career, she also produced several albums for other notable musicians the likes of Toby Keith, Shawn Mullins, and Billy Dean.

ArtistWorks Country Vocal Lesson Online with Lari White Review


Taking Lari White’s lesson is as close as you could get to the renowned musician when she was still alive. As such, if you have always wanted to learn from the legend herself about all the things that allowed her to become the great vocalist that she was, then you should read on to figure out if these classes are really for you.

The Curriculum

The backbone of this lesson is Lari White as your instructor. You will be pleased with what a great teacher Lari was. The lessons given are generally short and can range from 10 minutes or more, allowing learners with the shortest attention spans to benefit greatly. If you find yourself pressed for time, you can easily go through the lessons during your spare time such as during your lunch break. When you sign up, you will enjoy unlimited access to all the vocal lessons, the backing tracks as well as any other additional learning material for the course.

The video exchange system is one of the features that you should look forward to when signing up for Lari White’s vocal lessons. One of the biggest limitations of online learning is the lack of one on one feedback from the teacher but the video exchange feature seeks to solve this issue.

Before White passed on, students were allowed to record themselves singing before uploading their recording to the exchange platform where Lari would review each upload and send each student a personal response. This not only allowed students to gain confidence as performers but it also allowed them to make improvements based on her suggestions. These video exchanges, that were recorded before White’s passing, are still available and valuable to anyone that signs up in the future.



ArtistWorks has transformed traditional music lessons as we understand them and has made them more convenient for learners. It does not matter where in the world you are located, you can access Lari White’s lessons with ease as long as you have a steady internet connection. Gone are the days where students had to commute to long distances to attend music lessons.

With the Video Exchange feature, students can communicate with instructors directly. As such, if you are looking for an online vocals course that offers you the feel of one on one training without the exhausting commute, then this class is definitely for you.


  • Lari White’s lessons on ArtistWorks are very affordable considering that you get to learn from a renowned artist in the comfort of your own home at an affordable fee.
  • ArtistWorks is very flexible with its pricing allowing students with different budgets to sign up
  • Lari has included basic vocal training that will suit all beginners that have signed up for the course.
  • The video exchange system is one of a kind feature that is unavailable in all other online learning platforms
  • Lari is extremely engaging, which will allow you to concentrate during the lessons.
  • All the lessons have been professionally filmed so that you can enjoy quality audio and production


  • Although the basic vocal technique is covered, you should know that it is not the heart of this lesson. Lari’s lesson is a country-style singing course. So, if you are looking for basic vocal training that can be applied to all genres of singing, you may be better off signing up for a more detailed singing program.
  • The lessons will only suit country music singers and fans that are looking to sing country music well. This class is not designed for anything but country style singing. As such, do not expect to sing pop, jazz or anything else for that matter.


There is a lot to be gained with Lari White's vocal class. Not only will you become a better singer, but you will also become more disciplined and confident thanks to the advice that Lari has to share with her learners. Although students will no longer be able to make use of the video exchange feature since Lari’s passing, there are still plenty of fundamentals and principles to be learned by any eager country vocalist keen on improving their skills.

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