ArtistWorks Keith Wyatt Blues Guitar Lessons Online Review

ArtistWorks Keith Wyatt Blues Guitar Lesson Review

ArtistWorks Keith Wyatt Blues Guitar Lesson Review

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The amount of time and money required to find a private music tutor that is worth the money can be infuriating sometimes. Not only will you have to find time to pencil in the lessons in your schedule, but you will also have to figure out how to get to and from the lessons, all while still finding time to practice and take care of your day to day responsibilities. Sounds exhausting, doesn’t it?

Not too long ago, if you were an aspiring blues guitar player or any aspiring musician for that matter, the only things you had to get started were low-quality instruments and a hope and prayer.

However, today, things have transformed extensively so that musicians no longer have to learn through trial and error. Thanks to incredible platforms such as ArtistWorks’ blues guitar lessons online with Keith Wyatt, students no longer have to settle for a mediocre educational experience.

Keith’s blues guitar school is simply profound. Filled with hundreds of videos, students can access learning material at any time from anywhere in the world. Keith has also done a great job of building a vibrant online blues guitar community of dedicated students, which has made it a lot easier for students to interact and learn from each other.

ArtistWorks Blues Guitar Lesson Online with Keith Wyatt Review

ArtistWorks Keith Wyatt

Wyatt has an outstanding reputation in the industry. Apart from holding down the role of guitarist in The Blasters, he has also worked as a teacher of great repute for many years at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood.

At the Institute, he was working with developing the curriculum that has today become one of the greatest programs. He has also authored several books and publications, as well as written for several magazines.

The curriculum

There are a couple of websites that are designed to teach students how to play guitar. The thing about most of them is that it is extremely difficult to come across one that is taught by a master performer; this online lesson with Keith Wyatt is not one of those. Instead, these lessons are structured and because they are offered by a highly respected instructor and artist, you can be sure that you are getting value for your money when you sign up.

Keith’s blues guitar school is centred on a core video lesson library that guides performers on the fundamentals of blues guitar all the way up to advanced techniques and ideas. All the videos in the library can be accessed by anyone, as long pay a monthly fee; there are different payment plans available with options ranging from monthly, a three-month option, and yearly lessons. Each of the videos can be played in slow motion of they can be looped for a better understanding of the techniques.

Although the perks that come with signing up for online lessons with Keith are numerous, you will especially want to sign up because of the Video Exchange feature, which allows students to interact directly with Keith and he will offer personal guidance and advice in return. Because of the customer feedback, these Artistworks lessons come with an element of private tutorship that many online programs lack.

All the video interactions between Keith and his students are posted online and made available to all the other students. What this creates is an open environment where students are encouraged and asked to learn from each other. It is the collection of the video exchanges that makes this program revolutionary and it is why the community is constantly growing.


The education experiences

You will want to sign up for blues guitar lessons online with Keith, or at least try it out first, for a couple of good reasons. For one, you will appreciate the learning experience of learning from other players. What this presents for you is an opportunity to see how others player perform so that they can inspire you to do better or so that you can borrow from their technique.

Secondly, the ability to record yourself and submit your work to an artist of Keith Wyatt’s stature is something that most novices would dream of. So why not take advantage of it and get one on one advice from one of the greatest blues guitar players that ever lived? When you record yourself and submit a video to Keith, you will start to notice things about your technique such as poor note selection and inconsistencies that you might have never noticed before.

These lessons have been divided into three level with each consisting of about 30 or so video lessons. the fundamental lessons cover the basics such as terminology while the intermediate takes it a notch higher covering concepts such as 12 bat progressions.

Advanced lessons, on the other hand, contains a deep analysis of concepts such as self-accompaniment and tremolo picking. Keith has also included a section on music their and one that covers ideas beyond classic blues such as swamp blues.


  • The Video Exchange platform by ArtistWorks
  • Hundreds of lessons available
  • A workshop on music theory


  • Students can learn at their own pace
  • The lessons are informative yet affordable
  • You get to learn from Keith’s experience


If you have been looking for an online blues guitar lesson, you cannot go wrong with Keith’s blues guitar school. There is a wealth of information for you to soak up and the personal guidance that is offered by Keith through the video exchange platform is invaluable.

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