ArtistWorks John Patitucci Jazz Bass Lessons Online Review

Artistworks John Patitucci Jazz Bass Lesson Review

Artistworks John Patitucci Jazz Bass Lesson Review

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For years, students either had to contend with expensive private one on one lessons, which required traveling to and from the instructor’s house or settle for mediocre tutorials. Thankfully, everything has changed today with the advent of the internet and the growth of technology.

With the creation of quality platforms such as ArtistWorks’ jazz bass lessons with John Patitucci, students can now pursue the quality music education that they deserve and have been looking for. John Patitucci’s online jazz bass school has a wealth of resources that can benefit performers and jazz bass students of various levels including beginners.

So far, John has managed to amass a remarkable collection of over 160 beginner videos and more than 90 intermediate and advanced videos. These lessons will particularly be beneficial to anyone that is looking to advance their jazz bass improv skills.

ArtistWorks Jazz Bass Lesson Online with John Patitucci Review

artistworks John Patitucci

John Patitucci is not only one of the best jazz bass instructors online, but he is also one of the most revered bassists of his time. Aside from the hundreds of awards that he has collected throughout the course of his very successful career, John is also a 3-time Grammy award winner, which speaks volumes about his impressive talent, skill, and technique.

The Curriculum

These lessons with John Patitucci can be accessed by anyone that is interested in learning or improving acoustic or electric jazz bass. The video lessons cover all aspects of bass from learning simple concepts about strings and their names to advanced techniques such as cell analysis. The lessons also cover an array of styles including the Cha Cha Cha, Samba, and more.

Included are also more than 20 bass etudes in both major and minor keys that have been composed specifically for students on the platform. These etudes are accompanied by backing tracks that can be easily downloaded and charts to make studying and practicing easier.

While John’s bass school will offer you an abundance of videos on a broad range of topics, the biggest selling feature is the video exchange, that allows students to record themselves playing or asking questions to John. In return, John will post a video responding to the question or offering suggestions designed to help a student improve their technique.

These videos are then archived so that other students in the program can access them and learn from them. What this consequently creates is an open environment where students are encouraged to learn and advance from one another. Additionally, because of the open nature of learning, John has managed to create an online community of competent and beginner bassists that uplift one another at various stages of learning, which is truly impressive.


The student experience

Although the videos in John’s jazz bass school are short but comprehensive, this course contains months worth of lessons. As such, even if you feel that you can handle it, do not be tempted to rush through everything. Instead, try and master everything slowly so that you can grow into a competent bassist at the end of the course.

This course has over 100 beginner videos, 53 intermediate ones and 45 advanced videos on offer. Even though the beginner videos are more than advanced and intermediate ones, you will not remain a beginner for very long.

John is an attentive and relaxed instructor that has a host of great tips to share with you. Whenever you post a video for critique, he will make notes to help you with your playing as well as post an accompanying video response so you can get a fuller picture of what he is talking about. When you sign up, you not only get to enjoy personalized feedback from one of the most successful jazz bassists of all time, but you will also be investing in access to a collection of videos that can ensure a lifetime of learning and improving.


  • Students enjoy unlimited access to all the lessons and archived videos
  • The video Exchange feature which is unique to ArtistWorks
  • Ability to play the videos in slow motion and in loop mode
  • Students can send in unlimited videos for John to respond to and critique
  • A workshop on music theory


  • The lessons come with backing tracks to improve your learning experience
  • Students get to enjoy a vibrant community that consists of other jazz bass students from across the word
  • John does a great job of encouraging students to share and learn from one another
  • The videos cater to a wide spectrum of learners from advanced to beginner


  • You will need a quality camera if you intend to record yourself for video exchanges with John, which could translate to spending more money in an effort to acquire one.


It might be a little difficult to predict how long it will take you before you can start playing jazz bass like John. However, one thing is for sure- that there is a lot of great stuff to go through here whether you fancy yourself a novice player or a professional one with years of experience.

The great thing about signing up for these lessons is that you can cancel your membership easily at any point within the trial period should you feel dissatisfied with the quality of the lessons - which is a rarity. Therefore, there is no way to really lose when you sign up for jazz bass lessons online with John.