ArtistWorks Guthrie Trap Electric Country Guitar Lessons Online Review

Artistworks Guthrie Trap Electric Country Guitar Lesson Review

Artistworks Guthrie Trap Electric Country Guitar Lesson Review

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Online guitar lessons have grown by leaps and bounds today. With the right online guitar-learning platform, such as ArtistWorks’ Electric Country Guitar Lessons Online with Guthrie Trap, you might not be Chet Atkins at the end of the day, but you can be sure of a much better grip on things. Unlike other watch and learn programs that you may have encountered before, these online lessons with Guthrie are unique.

Production wise, the videos are high quality and can be looped and slowed down to suit the learning pace of different subscribers. The biggest perk though is that if you usually learn better by asking questions, Guthrie’s education program allows you to send videos of yourself asking questions so that Guthrie can respond to each one personally.

Guthrie’s curriculum is open to all students of various proficiencies and the individual lessons are spread out over 3 difficulty levels that cover everything from basic picking to advanced techniques. From an educational point of view, it is not always advisable or productive to jump into learning concepts without first understanding how those concepts were put together. As such, Guthrie has done a great job of creating a comprehensive yet customized curriculum and learning experience.

ArtistWorks Electric Country Guitar Lesson Online with Guthrie Trap Review

artistworks Guthrie Trap

Guthrie has spent years in Nashville as a successful teacher and performer. In the process, he has worked with some of the best names including Garth Brooks, Earl Scruggs, Dolly Parton, Vince Gill and more. He worked in the JerryDouglas and also made a contribution in Mountain Soul II Patty Loveless’s Grammy-winning album.

The curriculum

Guthrie’s electric country guitar school has helped to reinvent how online guitar lessons are given. In addition to the basic and simple learning material designed for beginners, advanced and intermediary players can also access the more challenging topics as they progress.

How the school works is that Guthrie has recorded hundreds of instructional videos that feature a variety of techniques beginning with the introductory concepts before working up to the advanced lessons. As such, students can start at any level that they want- and the videos can be accessed in any order, at any time. Essentially, the video library consists of topics that Guthrie Trap deems vital for your success.

Although part of the attraction is that the lessons are delivered by Guthrie himself, for most students, the real benefit of signing up for these lessons is the Video Exchange Feature that allows students to film themselves playing or asking questions and then upload the videos to the website.

Whenever Guthrie is ready, he will watch the video submissions and record a response in return that will then be sent to you. The videos are also uploaded to the video exchange archives for your fellow students to learn as well.

Students can only upload one video at a time and Guthrie will respond. In any case, you can be sure that every response that is sent in by Guthrie will be tailored to you. On top of that, you can also learn from other students’ videos and the responses given to them so that you can continue to advance your skill and potential.


The student experiences

The sign-up process to Guthrie Trap’s electric country guitar school is quick, simple and painless. Guthrie does an excellent job with the video production quality as each of the videos in the library have been shot using multiple camera angles both in HD or 4K for screens that can support it.

The audio quality is also impressive so you never have to worry about struggling with the sound. First impressions of Guthrie’s school are that both the website and format are stylish and very easy to navigate. Everything that a student needs to get started is available on the menu bar.

Guthrie is extremely knowledgeable, engaging and is interesting partly because of his years of experience in the industry, as well as the simplicity of the material on offer. Guthrie breaks things down into small multi-angle video lessons that permit the learner to delve into individual chords before moving on to various techniques as needed.


  • Students have unlimited access to these lessons
  • There is also a selection of backing tracks
  • A vibrant community of other electric country guitar professionals and learners
  • A workshop on music theory


  • Great website design with high-quality videos
  • A wealth of content that can be utilized by complete beginners
  • Access to an active community that is constantly growing in size
  • The video library, although already comprehensive, is always growing and expanding
  • Talking one on one with Guthrie Trap


  • If you have never used the video exchange feature, the format for the website might take a bot of getting used to before you can fully understand how it runs, but it is awesome when you get used.


ArtistWorks is a straightforward platform and combined with the simple layout, the progression from beginner to advanced and with the enthusiasm of Guthrie Trap, there is plenty to chew on when you sign up. It is clear that Guthrie put a lot of effort into designing a curriculum that would be beneficial for all students.

He has done a lot to ensure that the video quality is at par while providing subscribers value and depth of information that they need to take their performance to the next level. Because Guthrie’s online community is supportive and lively, you will be less likely to quit as a beginner.

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