ArtistWorks George Whitty Jazz Piano Lessons Online Review

ArtistWorks George Whitty Jazz Piano Lesson Review

ArtistWorks George Whitty Jazz Piano Lesson Review

Do you have any thoughts of incorporating jazz into your plots? Or you are a jazz musician who is interested in advancing your music career and tactics? Maybe you are looking to advance your knowledge of jazz transcriptions, chords, licks or even jazz improvisation. Either way, you need to be taking your lessons with George Whitty.

Jazz piano lessons with George Whitty offer you everything that you need to know about jazz piano whether you are a beginner or advanced player. World-renowned, this Grammy-winning keyboardist’s lessons are detailed and comprehensive enough that if you started taking them online as a total beginner, you would have everything that you need to get started as a jazz pianist by the end of the lessons.

ArtistWorks Jazz Piano Lesson Online with George Whitty Review

ArtistWorks George Whitty

If you want to learn how to play jazz piano like a professional, there is no one better to teach you than George Whitty. Not only is he a Grammy-recognized keyboardist, but he is also an internationally recognized composer, producer, and instructor. George has more than 20 years of experience as a professional jazz pianist.

He has worked together and collaborated with an enviable list of great musicians such as Chaka Khan, Herbie Hancock, Richard Bona, Sadao Watanabe, and even the Brecker Brothers. Among the best-selling records that he has worked on include Celine Dion’s Falling into You, as well as Supernatural by Santana.

George is also a revered producer that has worked on several projects including orchestral scoring for TV shows and films. Although he regularly teaches private lessons all over the world, these jazz piano lessons online are your best bet for working with a master like George.

Student experience

George has poured his heart and soul into these lessons offering students a comprehensive video library that consists of hundreds of detailed jazz lessons. Anyone that has subscribed enjoys unlimited access to all the lessons and better still, they come supplemented by backing tracks as well as a range of study materials designed to help students succeed. Plus, students also stand to enjoy learning from special guest appearances and from the community of jazz enthusiasts that make up the George Whitty student network.

The thing that sets these rare lessons online with George Whitty is that students can submit a video of themselves playing through the Video Exchange® Learning platform. When videos are uploaded to the exchange platform, George then gets to review each submission and respond with a recorded video in return where he offers practical tips and guidance to help students advance.

The curriculum

Jazz piano lessons online with George Whitty cover the gamut from the foundations of jazz piano to exposing students to a wide variety of chord voicings, jazz piano scales, as well as jazz progressions. In essence, the lessons can be split broadly into theory and standard jazz lessons.

Theory programs aim at teaching the basics of jazz piano. The sessions cover the scales and chords (including chord alterations) to common progressions like major and minor 251s. The standard lessons, on the other hand, cover the practical part of the theoretical elements.

The online lessons thoroughly cover every topic in detail. George takes special care to cover each material slowly so that beginners can effusively understand the primary points. Beginners especially will appreciate the fact that the lessons are simple at first with difficulty gradually increasing through the video lessons.

Each of the lessons will introduce students to an important concept in jazz piano. As well as explaining the underlying idea, George also provides examples of how each of the theory applies in practice. While it is a good idea to arm yourself with a minimal level of music theory or technical skill, you can sign up for jazz piano lessons online with George with no prior knowledge.

By the end of the online tutorials, you should be fully armed with everything needed to fully appreciate and play jazz piano or competently improvise a song. Some of the elements that George specializes in include the F7 blues, time and scales in jazz (bop scales in particular).


Key Features

  • The blues in F
  • Learn how to build a scale out of the F7 chord
  • The B flat 7 bop scale, G minor 7 bop scale, as well as the C7 bop scale
  • Practicing guide tones


  • You get exhaustive jazz lessons from a celebrated Grammy award-winning jazz pianist
  • With George, you get to learn as much as you wish
  • These jazz piano lessons are available for pianists of all levels
  • Each lesson is designed to accelerate your learning
  • The plan is very affordable
  • The Video Exchange program


By the time you end up finishing jazz lessons online with George Whitty, you should be fully capable of examining, appreciating, and with a bit of practice, hopefully, be able to play any Jazz song that you come across. Jazz piano lessons online with George is the easy part because the hard part, which mastering it all, will be up to you.

Learning jazz piano from a master is one thing; to play as flawlessly as George Whitty can, you need to put in hours, days, weeks and months of demanding, repetitive practice. But with George Whitty by your side, you are already off to a great start. Complemented by a wealth of written resources, a huge library of backing tracks, as well as the Video Exchange learning feature, these online jazz lessons truly cannot be beaten.


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