ArtistWorks David Bilger Trumpet Lessons Online Review

ArtistWorks David Bilger Trumpet Lessons Review

ArtistWorks David Bilger Trumpet Lessons Review

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If you’re into trumpets, the chances are that you are familiar with David Bilger, one of the most respected Principal Trumpets in the orchestra scene. Good news! You can now sign up for his online trumpet lessons and scratch your itch to learning this timeless instrument. David has leveraged his experience and knowledge of playing the bugle on an expert level for decades to create a comprehensive video library that consists of 100s of outstanding trumpet lessons.

David Bilger takes a rather refreshingly unique approach to teaching trumpet while keeping the students interested and captivated with rich techniques and practice styles. Students also have unlimited access to his notation, trumpet methods, and a series of other complimentary study materials.

Artistworks trumpet study materials

What truly makes David’s online trumpet lessons at ArtistWorks stand out is the ability of students to submit practice videos directly to him via Video Exchange platform. David makes it a point to personally review the videos and offer a thorough feedback on how to improve. This offers students a rich learning experience that’s as educational as it is fun and exciting.

To cap it off, there’s a vibrant community that allows students to connect and share with other trumpet enthusiasts from across the globe. When you sign up, you get full access to David’s wealthy Video Exchange library, which can help you unleash the trumpet aficionado in you.

Artistworks trumpet lessons

ArtistWorks Trumpet Lessons Online with David Bilger Review

ArtistWorks David Bilger

David Bilger is no stranger to the worldwide trumpet community, and his online lessons at ArtistWorks are a culmination of his decades-long career in the orchestra space. A graduate of University of Illinois and Juilliard School of Music, David is best known for being the member of The Philadelphia Orchestra where he has served as the Principal Trumpet since 1995.

Prior to that, David Bilger also played with the Houston Symphony, Philharmonia Virtuosi of New York, the Dallas Symphony, the Indianapolis Chamber of Orchestra, the Oakland Symphony, the Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia, and a raft of other Chamber ensembles. He’s also on the faculties of Hugh Hodgson School of Music at University of Georgia, Temple University, and Curtis Institute of Music.

Besides teaching his online trumpet lessons at ArtistWorks, David Bilger is also an avid recording artist who has worked with the likes of Meg Bowes. On top of that, he has taught master trumpet classes at several institutions such as the Manhattan School of Music, the University of Michigan, Indiana University, the Peabody Conservatory, and Juilliard School of Music.

Student Experience

Students get VIP treatment when they sign up for Trumpet Lessons Online with David Bilger. The fact that these lessons are comprehensive yet learnable is simply amazing. Students of all trumpet styles and levels of experience are welcome, and the lessons are tailored to their individual needs.

Artistworks intermediate to advanced trumpet lessons

As soon as you sign up, you will get unfettered access to myriads of learning resources, including David’s own Video Exchange library, and hundreds of curated trumpet lessons. The exciting part is that these lessons are chunked down into smaller, easy to understand sections. What we loved is that David also availed his entire trumpet method and notation, which are at your disposal 24/7.

Artistworks trumpet video exchange

David’s online trumpets lessons kick up a notch with ArtistWorks. Thanks to Video Exchange learning platform, students can submit their practice videos, and get personalized feedback on improvements. David offers individual practice advice so that you can learn to play the trumpet in a breeze.

Artistworks trumpet community

What’s more is that you don’t have to tear a big hole in your bank account to afford the lessons. There is a 3, 6, 12-month package you can choose from, with the rates starting at as low as $23 per month. All of these packages come with different premium features for the ultimate learning experience.


The curriculum comprises a variety of tailored lessons that range from fundamental to professional (advanced). They are chunked down into six categories: fundamental lessons, intermediate lessons, professional lessons, etudes, orchestral excerpts, and solo repertoire. Each category, in turn, has several trumpet exercises and lessons that are complemented perfectly by ArtistWorks.

If you are a rookie looking to get your feet wet in the world of trumpet playing, you might want to keep your eyes on the fundamental lessons. However, you are free to sample and take a peek at lessons and exercises from other advanced categories.

If your experience and knowledge of trumpet are so-so, it’s a no-brainer to skip through to the intermediate lessons to learn next-level techniques like buzzing, breathing, multiple tonguing, intonation, phrasing, and vibrato. If you want to get into C trumpet, intermediate lessons are your best bet. Professional lessons’ category is where things get really exciting for veteran players.


Key Features

  • Video Exchange Learning Platform
  • 100s of top quality trumpet lessons
  • Large, worldwide community
  • Expert trumpet teacher


  1. Ability to submit practice videos online and get custom feedback
  2. Enjoy hundreds of curated trumpet lessons taught by an expert
  3. Get access to David’s trumpet method + intonation
  4. All trumpet styles and levels are welcome
  5. Affordable pricing


  1. No backing tracks

Summary and Verdict

With over two decades of experience as a Principal Trumpet, David Bilger knows the ins and outs of playing the instrument. His online trumpet lessons provide a great foundation for newbies, next-level experience for intermediates, and advanced methods, techniques & lessons for veteran players as well. The ArtistWorks’ Video Exchange platform makes even for a better experience, with students being able to send in practice videos and get personalized feedback.

With a huge video library and a vibrant community, David Bilger’s online trumpet lessons are comprehensive, his teaching style is rich, and the entire student experience is superb. You can’t get better value for your money elsewhere.

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