ArtistWorks Dave Stryker Jazz Guitar Lessons Online Review

Artistworks Dave Stryker Jazz Guitar Lesson Review

Artistworks Dave Stryker Jazz Guitar Lesson Review

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If you currently find yourself struggling in a self-taught jazz guitar rut, then jazz guitar lessons with Dave Stryker could be exactly what you need to take you to the next level. Often referred to as one of the most distinctive guitarists of his generation (a title which was given by Village Voice), there is no way you can go wrong when you sign up for these online lessons.

Dave has a lot to offer students of all levels from beginner to advanced players. He has a wealth of knowledge to share - a mere subscription of 3 months has the potential to expand your knowledge base to the next level.

Regardless of whether you are simply interested in learning how to play your favorite tunes or are looking to advance your technique for a performance or an audition, these classes have been designed to help you further your jazz guitar skillset.

ArtistWorks Jazz Guitar Lesson Online with Dave Stryker Review

artistworks Dave Stryker

Jazz guitarist Dave Stryker boasts of a beautiful tone, delicate technique, and skillful touch, which are all essential components for quality musicianship. Stryker is definitely a role model for musicians of all ages and he has the touch of a master, which probably helps to explain why he has been able to realize so much success in his career.

His roots and his many years of experience in mainstream jazz award him a depth and tone that is hard to imitate. With dexterous grace and sensitivity, there is no one better to learn from online than from a legend of his stature. Not only has Dave worked with some of the greatest names including Jack McDuff and Stanley Turrentine, he has also amassed numerous awards along the way including one of the top 10 Guitarists in 2001.

Aside from being a performer, he also has extensive teaching experience. He has a popular book known as Dave Stryker’s Jazz Guitar Improvisation Method where he teaches his world famous improve method. He also teaches regularly at the Montclair State University so you can be assured that he knows what he is doing when it comes to creating a solid curriculum for you.


The curriculum

Thanks to all his years of experience, Dave has a lot to offer in terms of approach. He will cover jazz improv techniques like minor sub approach so that you can tackle dominant chords. He has also gone out of his way to include a couple of solos to help you expand your jazz standards using the techniques that you will learn from him. Dave also covers the use of scales and patterns. Basically, the video library is as comprehensive as it can be to maximize your progress.

Instead of bombarding you with theory and endless demonstrations, Dave has taken care to break down the concepts into sections for beginner, intermediate and advanced learners. Dave’s video library is made up of hundreds of pre-recorded lessons, backing tracks and tablature that can be accessed by anyone that has signed up.

If you are the type of music student that learns best from private one-on-one lessons, you will especially appreciate the Video Exchange feature. This feature allows you to record yourself playing or asking questions so that you can send that recording to Dave and he will respond directly via messages providing you the criticism that you need.

What is so unique and neat about this component of learning is that you can re-watch your video submissions as many times as you want to, which is huge if you are prone to forgetfulness. Furthermore, when students upload videos of themselves, their uploads, as well as Dave’s feedback will be available for other students to access, which creates a vibrant community of learners.

The student experiences

You will love these video lessons with Dave. He comes off warm yet competent and inviting, which is impressive if you are looking for an instructor that can understand your needs. The fact that you can take the lessons from anywhere in the world and receive feedback from a performer like Dave is something of a marvel in and of itself. When you sign up, you will be impressed by how navigable the website is and what a great job the team at ArtistWorks has done to create an authentic learning experience.

In contrast to other lessons that you may have encountered, these lessons are extremely affordable even though the type and level of training offered is invaluable. Each of the skill levels in the course is spelled out clearly so that you can find your footing easily. Perfect for players of all levels, his succinct way of explaining things and his approach will open you up so that you can start to develop your own improv approach.


  • A workshop on music theory
  • Accompanying learning materials to help you study
  • Unlimited access to the video library
  • Backing tracks available


  • You will get to learn from an experienced performer
  • Videos can be viewed in slow motion, which is great for absorbing concepts
  • Students of all levels can sign up

The verdict

It is hard to find an online lesson that offers the type of personalized care that Dave Stryker offers. Aside from being able to access a growing community of like-minded learners, you will also be able to communicate directly with one of the greatest jazz guitarists of our times, which is a priceless experience! Simply put- It is hard to beat the quality of videos provided by the ArtistsWorks program.

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