ArtistWorks Darol Anger Fiddle Lessons Online Review

Artistworks Darol Anger Fiddle Lesson Review

Artistworks Darol Anger Fiddle Lesson Review

Trying to learn how to play the fiddle? Well done! Learning how to play the fiddle is one of the best decisions that you will ever make, and it is better to learn it from than Darol Anger.

In the good old days, and we are talking just recently, the only valuable way that students could learn how to play the fiddle was from a book, face to face with a personal tutor or through VHS. Fortunately, world-renowned players like Darol have stepped in to take much of the headache out of the learning process.

Learning how to play the fiddle from Darol can be a little daunting; obviously because of the level of his mastery and prowess. But the thing about Darol is that he is so gentle and attentive especially in regards to beginners that the flustered and overwhelming feeling that you first encounter quickly disappears and you begin to form a deep appreciation for the instrument and the master.

You will have plenty of questions to ask. In any case, Darol will provide you with the structure, foundation, and guidance needed for you to progress. This is really what teaching should be about, and Darol has consolidated a reputation for himself as the best online fiddle teacher there is.

ArtistWorks Fiddle Lesson Online with Darol Anger Review

Artistworks Darol Anger

Darol Anger requires very little introduction- he has consistently been referred to as one of the best fiddlers there is today. Not only has he enjoyed great success with his solo projects and albums, but Darol has also been featured in numerous collaborations with other artists. For more than 40 years, Darol has helped to change the way audiences view string bands thanks to his ground-breaking ensembles, the likes of the David Grisman Quintet, The Republic of Strings, and more.

Darol is also a great teacher- he has a charismatic and friendly approach when it comes to his online fiddle lessons. As one of the pioneers of the International Jazz Educators Association, you can be guaranteed of a high-quality education when you sign up for lessons online with Darol Anger.

The student experience

If you have ever attended other online fiddle lessons, you will soon figure out that Darol Anger has a slight, much better way of doing things. Unlike other online lessons, Darol’s lessons come with an interactive element that will completely revolutionize the way that you learn.

Darol’s fiddle lessons are given in two basic formats- professional lessons, as well as Video Exchange lessons. Under the dashboard, right next to the learn tab, students can access a number of Darol’s lessons. The lessons cover basic skills right up to intermediate and advanced, as well as anything in between.

When you click on a lesson, Darol will take you through each one carefully. However, you also have the option of playing a slow-motion isolation video whenever you want to understand the subject matter better. The lessons are crafted so that they are easy to learn and master in detail. If you are interested in further instruction, you can just as easily upload videos of yourself playing the fiddle to the Video exchange platform so that Darol can comment on your performance.

The best part about the whole thing is that students that have not uploaded videos of themselves have the ability to access videos of others so that they can pick useful hints and tips that they can then use themselves. Therefore, rather than simply learning from one instructor, students that sign up can also learn from their fellow fiddlers, which is sometimes very helpful in helping to boost the students’ confidence.


The curriculum


Beginner lessons with Darol Anger are tailored towards total beginners and will focus mostly on foundational skills, that is, the skills that will make you a better fiddler in the end. Lessons for beginner fiddlers are available in the Learn tab, right under fundamentals. The videos included cover everything from tuning your fiddler to string bending. There is really no shortage of resources for complete beginners so you can be sure that there is an endless supply of instruction to go through.


While there is plenty for beginners, the good news is that fiddlers that are interested in progressing past basic playing will also enjoy a wealth of intermediate and advanced lessons. The advanced lessons come with relevant introductions but there are also lessons that focus on particular techniques and styles such as pentatonic soloing and arpeggios.

Darol Anger caters to students that play all styles of music whether jazz, classical, fingerstyle or bluegrass. Darol has more than enough lessons for you to sink your teeth into with the added bonus of course, of being able to film yourself and upload a video for Darol to review.


  • Students enjoy full access to hundreds of lessons
  • The lessons are high quality with slow motion
  • Can be taken by students of all levels from beginner to advanced
  • Students can submit videos to Darol and have them reviewed and offered specific instructions
  • A community where students can have discussions with each other


Darol Anger’s pedigree speaks for itself and among other things, the Video Exchanges are some of the reasons why you should sign up. Not only do students get to see how their fellow fiddlers are progressing as a result, but they also offer a way to get closer to the instructor, which is priceless when it comes to learning an instrument online.


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