ArtistWorks Andy Hall Dobro Lessons Online Review

ArtistWorks Andy Hall Dobro Lessons Review

ArtistWorks Andy Hall Dobro Lessons Reviews

Since its launch, we have come to expect high-level of teaching quality from ArtistWorks Bluegrass Schools, and Dobro Lessons Online with Andy Hall is no exception. The world’s renowned dobroist has condensed his years of experience and wealth of knowledge playing dobro into a comprehensive video library at ArtistWork.

Students get unlimited access to hundreds of dobro lessons as well as backing tracks, tabs, and a raft of other study materials. Besides, there is a vibrant, interactive community of dobro enthusiasts from around the globe, offering students a rich learning experience. What you’ll love about Hall’s lessons is that they are designed to get you playing from day 1.

Whether you are a newbie, intermediate player or a dobro guru, Andy Hall has got you covered. As if that isn’t fabulous enough, the lessons are broken into smaller, easy-to-learn chunks. This makes it easy for students of all levels to learn at their own pace.

Perhaps the highlight of dobro lessons online with Andy Hall is the ability of students to record themselves practicing and submit the video for review via Video Exchange Learning platform. That’s the beauty of taking any music lesson at ArtistWorks. What’s even better is that Hall reviews each submission and offers a thoughtful feedback on how to improve.

Andy’s dobro lessons are available in a 3, 6, and 12-month packages.

ArtistWorks Dobro Lessons Online with Andy Hall Review

ArtistWorks Andy Hall

Andy Hall has established himself to become one of the best instrument players in the music acoustic scene. A holder of Music Production and Engineering degree from Berkeley College of Music in Boston, Hall has recorded and performed alongside the ranks of Dolly Parton, Lee Greenwood, Emmylou Harris, Charlie Daniels, Zac Brown, Earl Scruggs, and Rodney Crowell, just to mention a few. He started off as an electric guitar player but soon moved on to resonator guitar, an instrument he has fondly studied and played for the past two decades.

Hall is the founding member of the much-acclaimed Bluegrass band, The Infamous Stringdusters, which won three 2007 IBMA awards and 2008 Grammy nomination for their debut album (Fork in the Road) in 2007. As a solo artist, he has three successful albums to his name – Redwing (2004), The Sound of The Slide Guitar (2007), and Aquifer (2010).

In his dobro lessons at ArtistWorks, the celebrated dobroist brings forth remarkable passion and new generation attitude towards lap steel and dobro guitar.

Student Experience

Let’s face it; finding a good dobro course online is no easy walk in the park. That in and of itself explains why Dobro School with Andy Hall is wildly popular right now. But that isn’t the only reason these dobro classes have been receiving raving reviews from students. They also offer a rich learning experience that students of every level can appreciate.

The first thing you’ll notice when you sign up is that the lessons are split into smaller, easy to learn chunks. That goes in line with Hall’s mission to train the next generation of dobroists. There are hundreds of high-quality lessons that focus on basic, intermediate, and advanced techniques you might require to play dobro.

The frosting on the cake, however, is that you can submit your practice videos to Andy Hall via Video Exchange platform and get personalized feedback on how to improve. This enables students to move from one level to the next with no hassle. The student experience is also enriched by the vibrant community of dobro enthusiasts from across the globe. This way, you can view and comment on video exchange libraries of other students.

Andy Halls has availed his comprehensive video library. But students can also get access to a huge selection of backing tracks, tabs, and other study materials. What’s more is that you don’t have to break the bank to afford his lessons. You can get access for as little as $23 per month.


Andy Hall offers the standard ArtistWorks curriculum that’s divided into four distinct categories: Basic Dobro, Intermediate Dobro, Advanced Dobro, and Lap Steel. Each category is further broken down into dobro lessons and exercises that are easy to learn on your own.

As the name suggests, Basic Dobro is geared towards novice players who want to get their feet wet in the world of the dobro. In this category, you will learn everything there’s to get started with dobro, from an introduction to the instrument to Andy’s own recording playing “Goodbye Liza Jane” and everything in between.

In the Intermediate category, you will learn octaves, intonation, slants, harmonics, chopping, rolls, embellishments, and much more. If you have a little background knowledge of dobro, intermediate lessons and exercises will certainly fit your bill. The Advanced Dobro course takes it to the next level. Expect to immerse yourself in advanced-level techniques like Open D alternate tunings, passing tones, melodic style playing, and more in-between. The Lap Steel is dedicated to learning this specialty guitar.


Key Features

  • 100s of high-quality dobro video lessons
  • An extensive community of dobro enthusiasts
  • Access to Video Exchange Platform
  • Expert dobro teacher with decades of experience


  1. Students get unmetered access to hundreds of curated video lessons
  2. Learn dobro alongside a worldwide community of enthusiast
  3. Access to lots of backing tracks and tabs
  4. Feels like in-person lessons without the extra costs
  5. Submit practice videos and get feedback from Andy Hall


Andy Hall poured over two decades of experience and knowledge as a dobroist to create hundreds of fabulous dobro lessons. These are complemented perfectly by a worldwide community of other dobro enthusiasts. The biggest draw of these lessons, however, is the ability to make video submissions and get feedback on how to improve. Whether you desire to learn lap steel guitar or dobro, this lesson is for you!

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