ArtistWorks Andreas Oberg Gypsy Jazz Guitar Lessons Online Review

ArtistWorks Andreas Oberg Gypsy Jazz Guitar Lesson Review

ArtistWorks Andreas Oberg Gypsy Jazz Guitar Lesson Review

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ArtistWorks has done an excellent job of developing a breakthrough site that relies on the latest in internet video learning. So, it comes as no surprise that among its many respected teachers, stands Andreas Oberg with his online gypsy jazz guitar lessons.

Not only are these video-based gypsy jazz master classes very well reviewed and highly recommended, but they are also characterized by one unique feature known as the Video Exchange feature, that enables face to face interaction between Andreas and his students.

Therefore, when you sign up, you will be able to pick at Andreas virtuosic style and technique until you are completely sure that you can emulate it to formulate your own style.

Truly, this is the one feature that sets these online gypsy jazz guitar lessons apart from all the others that you may have tried in the past. These video exchanges have completely revolutionized the way that students can learn jazz guitar from any part of the continent.

ArtistWorks Gypsy Jazz Guitar Lesson Online with Andreas Oberg Review

ArtistWorks Andreas Oberg

Andreas Oberg attended the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, where he amassed a deep knowledge of guitar. Today, he has become a virtuoso that is known for his unique technique and his numerous awards including an enviable Grammy Award nomination for Best Instrumental Arrangement.

He has so far managed to make a name for himself in the music industry as one of Sweden’s premier jazz guitarists. During recent years, he has worked on a variety of projects and worked alongside some of the best artists of our generation such as Eros Ramazzotti, Danny Gottlieb, Wycliffe Gordon, and more.

The Curriculum

The Andreas Oberg gypsy Guitar universe is open to students of all proficiencies, whether beginners or advanced and is available for the meager price of $60 for 3 months. Andreas has done an excellent job of compiling this video library, which is constantly growing with new material.

Combining his gift in multiple genres with his approachable teaching style, these are some of the most well-done online video tutorials online. Utilizing modern HD video technology, Andreas has elevated online learning to an entirely new level.

The one thing that you will absolutely appreciate about this ArtistWorks platform is the Video Exchange System, which is something that you do not come across every day. How it works is - let’s assume that you have just completed a lesson with Andreas on jazz riff, but there are still some concepts that you did not understand.

To have them clarified, all you have to do is record yourself playing a jazz riff or asking a question and upload your video to the system for Andreas to check out. It does not matter where Andreas will be located, whether on the road or in his studio at home, the technology and video exchange feature will allow him to respond with fresh insights, critique, demonstration, suggestions and of course, answers to all your questions.

When you receive Andreas’ response, you can execute his advice to perfect your technique. If you are too shy to upload videos of yourself, you can alternatively access the Master Class section to view a collection of other student’s exchanges so that you can all learn from each other and from Andreas. Basically, these lessons are just like private face to face lessons but with an emphasis on a group or communal learning.

All the lessons in the curriculum cover a range of genres and they come accompanied by backing tracks and a host of other study materials. Best of all, Andreas ensures to host special guest performance and exclusive interviews so that students can diversify their repertoire.


Student experience

If you have been looking for an instructor that has a vested interest in your success, then you will feel right at home with Andreas Oberg. Whether you are situated in Rio or Wisconsin, you will have access to the continuously growing assortment of master classes.

As long as you remember to use the Video Exchange feature fully, you should be able to get real and personal feedback from Andreas on a spectrum of genres and styles including pop, fusion and of course the Gypsy guitar style popularized by Django Reinhart.

Another perk that you have to look forward to when you join Andreas’ school of gypsy jazz is the shout out feature on the board which serves as a forum for announcements. You will also have a student page that allows you to send messages and upload your pictures and tracks so that others can enjoy, share and comments on.

This networking feature is instrumental if you are interested in branching out and connecting with jazz performers from all over the world. Furthermore, the networking spirit is centred on camaraderie, advancement, and support. Once you join, you will quickly realize that there is nothing quite like being surrounded by like-minded people that all in pursuit of the same thing as you.


  • Hundreds of available lessons
  • The Video Exchange System that is unique to the platform
  • Access to a community of like-minded jazz guitarists.


  • You’ll get to learn at your own pace
  • The lessons are affordable
  • You can loop as well as play the videos in slow motion for a better view
  • Students of all proficiency levels are welcome


These lessons are very detailed and comprehensive covering styles such as jazz, rock and so on. The lessons are suitable for everyone from advanced to beginners. However, you would be better off signing up for gypsy jazz guitar lessons with Andreas if you already have some basics first. His approach to teaching is extremely focused and as a formally trained artist, the lessons and knowledge that he has to share with you is virtually encyclopedic.

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