Arcis Saxophone Quartet Plays Bavarian Oktoberfest Theme

arcis saxophone quartet munich germany
When you think of a month-­long beer fest, does a variety of musical styles come to mind? That’s the thought behind the Munich, Germany Oktoberfest theme, combining latin rhythms with Bavarian music tunes.

Arcis Saxophone Quartet include a fifth player on accordion, and have blended a few seemingly contrary music styles of Bavarian themes with Latin rhythms to create Oktoberfest on groove. The result is a more traditional German piece with a new iteration and flair. A little big­-band swing thrown in the piece for good measure adds an upbeat movement to the more traditional feel of the overall composition.

I’m not sure how the music combines with the Oktoberfest celebration other than in the traditional sense of German culture, but music does have a certain appeal to it. After a few rich lagers, Bavarian instrumentation can take on a whole new meaning.

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