Andrada & Florin Take Cielito Lindo To 13th Floor

There are many hotels and buildings around the world that look normal at first, and then once you get in the elevator there aren’t the same options for traveling upward. The mysterious 13th floor is somehow not an option or selection, though we all know it’s there.

This dynamic is illustrated very well with a captivating rendition of Cielito Lindo by Andrada and Florin. At first take (or to start the song), everything is as normal. But midway through, the dynamic changes and the music becomes something new, and out of the ordinary.

Florin’s expressions only compliment the precision of his instrumentation on drums, which are a lovely addition to this piece. It also illustrates a uniqueness to this duo in their presentation that makes this version of Cielito Lindo stand out above other versions.

A song as historic as Cielito Lindo, and one that has been showcased by so many different types of music, requires a different kind of interpretation. Not quite opera, and certainly not mariachi (as traditionally played), Andrada & Florin do an outstanding job of reinventing a truly classic tale of love into something that hits on all the right floors.


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