An Italian orchestra conductor was fired for an unexpected outburst

A conductor of an Italian orchestra was fired after telling an audience full of children at a performance shortly after Christmas that Santa does not exist.

Santa. Image credit: CGP Grey/Wikicommons


Giacomo Loprieno was conducting at the event Disney in concert: Frozen in Rome last week. He reportedly made the comments after some families left the show early so as not to get stuck in the crowds afterwards. “Father Christmas doesn’t exist anyway,” Loprieno stated, before storming off stage, leaving audience members in tears.

His remarks drew an angry response from parents who had brought their children along, with one person saying they were annoyed they had applauded Loprieno’s performance.

“Like all those who were present, we remain bewildered by this personal declaration by the conductor after the event ended,” a statement by the organisers read.

Loprieno was swiftly replaced by another conductor, who was soon pictured on the event’s Facebook page next to Santa. He made his debut at the show held on Friday, which Santa also attended in the audience.

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