Alto TS212 Review: Is It Really That Good?

alto ts212 review
alto ts212 review

While you can produce all the great tunes and music that you want on the instrument that you are playing, it certainly requires the right amp to amplify those tunes while ensuring clarity and that is not all. You will also be needing the right speakers to make sure that you are getting the right sounds on those speakers to ensure the perfect output for it. That is why choosing the right speaker definitely should be on your priority list.

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While there are tons of speakers out there, you get to enjoy certain special speakers that are designed for the perfect output on these instruments. Such speakers are certainly the best thing for you to be enjoying the perfect performance experience on all the different sorts of audio and tunes you want to be playing on the musical instruments.

Alto TS212 is one such highly sought-after speaker that you get to enjoy the best possible tunes on any instrument that you might be playing especially the guitar. A few notable features that you will need to know about the speaker would be:

Alto TS212 Review


The design and size of this speaker is the best thing that you get since it has one of the most optimal designs out there that allow you to have the best possible feel on it making it just the perfect choice that you could be looking for.

In addition to all that, you will also need to know that the design is not only good looking, but it certainly designed for the best efficiency that allows you to enjoy just the perfect feelings and vibes on this speaker while making it work for all the different sort of performances you might have on your mind.

Speaking of all that, the design is great and you can certainly use it for any studio, recording sessions, or even the on-stage performances without having to worry about a thing regarding clarity, audio quality, and sound.


Coming to the features, Alto is known to design professional speakers that are for extensive performance and make it certain that you are getting the best possible feel on your speaker at all times. The speaker is equipped with a 12-inch high-temperature voice coil.

The bi-amplified design on the speaker that has precision active crossover and EQ gets you the perfect balance on the sounds and there is hardly something that you will be missing on it. The best thing is that it comes with an integrated 2-channel mixer with dual XLR 1/3-inch combo mic/line inputs and they all get their independent level controls as well so you can control all the output according to your choice on the speaker.

It also got custom-engineered high-efficiency class D amplifiers that have a passive cooling design on them and a fan-less cooling mechanism that makes the speakers noise-free while keeping the amps at optimal temperature for the best possible performance on it. In addition to all that, you will also get to enjoy the right ground-lift switch so it will not be playing unless the speaker is placed securely on a flat surface.


The speaker got a perfectly lightweight and portable design that would allow you to enjoy the right experience by taking it easily anywhere you might want to. The trapezoidal cabinet design makes it perfectly easy for you to transport, install or even store the speaker.


Some speakers might be a bit less expensive than this one, but there are certainly some extremely high options priced as well. The features that you are getting on this speaker including all the additional perks and latest technologies with the safety mechanism, make it certainly worth each penny that you might end up spending for this. You are not likely to regret the decision in terms of affordability for sure.

The timeless design along with perfect features and durability on this speaker will be getting you the years-long experience without having to face a single problem and that is certainly something worth investing in if you have a passion for music and want to make it big.

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