What would an argument sound like on a musical instrument?

Violinist, composer, conductor and also actor Aleksey Igudesman might have an answer for that, and that answer bears the title “Chilekli Devekushu”. In a virtuoso-like performance together with Rusanda Panfili, and with a discreet amount of mimicry and hilarious grimaces, he reproduces the dynamics of an argument: it starts tentatively, then it builds up in tension, thus re-descending in mockery and occasional tenderness.

Chilekli Devekushu is part of “Fasten Seatbelts”, a solo show by Igudesman where he presents humorous compositions complete with a stand-up routine: he takes a close look at classical music and strips away all pretences in order to reveal “hidden secrets of music and comedy in their full nakedness.” After all, according to his official website, classical music was initially meant to entertain, enrich people’s lives …and to lose weight.

The performance of Chilekli Devekushu also reminds us of the epic scene of the dueling banjos in Deliverance, where one of the city men decides to duel on guitar with an “inbred” country boy playing banjo. Speaking of film music, Igudesman collaborates frequently with Academy Award winning composer Hans Zimmer, with whom he composed, arranged and played on the soundtrack of movies such as “The Road to El Dorado,” “Spanglish” and Sherlock Holmes, which also received an Oscar nomination in 2010.

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