ADM JA101-BK Beginner Classical Guitar Review 2019

ADM Beginner Classical Guitar Review

ADM Beginner Classical Guitar Review

ADM Beginner Classical Guitar

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For everyone that wonders who exactly is ADM, we can say only one thing, the All Days Music is here to deliver much better quality and value for your investments in guitars. That being said, we can all agree that ADM actually is quite good when it comes to making some really good guitars.

In that light, we have decided to review one of their most popular guitars for beginners, the ADM Beginner Classical Guitar. So, stick with us if you want to learn and see everything about this splendid and possibly one of the best guitars for beginners.

Let’s begin.

ADM JA101-BK Beginner Classical Guitar Review

We all know that being a beginner at something is not that easy. So, it is quite important to have everything you need to advance and to learn how to improve yourself in that field. And, that is why ADM beginner classical guitar is equipped with a variety of great features that will really help when it comes to learning how to play the guitar.

Some of the most important things that this guitar stands for are great playability, splendid sound quality, and awesome value for the price. Furthermore, this guitar comes included with some really cool gadgets as well. Anyhow, let’s see a bit more about ADM beginner classical guitar, shall we?

The craftsmanship of ADM Classical Guitar

When it comes to craftsmanship, one thing is certain about this guitar, ADM classical guitar is made out of the finest wood materials that you can possibly find. So, how exactly does that contribute to the overall value? Well, with the high-quality wood materials, this guitar will excel in every field of performance and deliver some really great sound quality.

So, the bridge and the fingerboard of the ADM classical guitar are made out of the maple wood material. This will provide a high level of playability since you will feel comfortable playing on this guitar. And, that is actually quite important for beginners.

Besides that, there are chrome covered tuners that will allow you to easily tune this guitar when it goes out of tune. Tuning isn’t that hard, especially with this guitar. Also, the high-quality wood material that is used for the body and the neck will provide amazing sound quality and ability to play a variety of tones.

Key features of ADM Classical Guitar

Now, for a bit better and more thorough insight into the guitar, let’s discuss the main features.


When it comes to comfort, as we already mentioned, this guitar is made out of the high-quality maple wood material and it ensures a maximum dose of comfort. We all know that comfort is something that only high-end guitars can provide, especially when it comes to beginner guitars.

So, you can easily play on this guitar for hours and never feel any discomfort or complications. Also, the strings are placed on a suitable height so that you can easily play on them. This means that your hand will be allowed to go easy on the strings which are quite important for beginners.


There are lots of different accessories equipped in the package. With the ADM beginner classical guitar, you will also get a luxury gig bag, e-tuner, many picks, strap, and even a cleaning cloth. As you can see, everything that one beginner needs, is already in the package.


As for playability, this guitar really stands out. Namely, the ADM beginner classical guitar is quite easy to play on. The variety of features will contribute to the overall playability and allow you to learn and gain more experience in no time.

Also, there are extra strings that are included in the package which is quite convenient if you accidentally break some strings.

Performance of the ADM Classical Guitar

With the overall length of 30 inches, this guitar is made for beginners, and that tells us that you can learn quite a lot when playing on this guitar. So, how does this affect the performance? Well, ADM beginner classical guitar excels in every field of performance easily.

With the high-end materials that directly contribute to the sound quality, you will be able to play a variety of notes and different tones when it comes to this guitar. Besides that, this guitar really is great for practice lessons and it will most likely excel highly in that fields.

Appearance and Overall look

For a beginner, the looks and overall appearance of the guitar are not that important. But, this guitar really packs some great looks that will definitely make you love it more. The black color and the specially designed shape of this guitar will not only provide great playability and performance, but also, they make this guitar beautiful.

The smaller profile makes this guitar look a bit tiny, which is actually quite convenient for the kids that want to learn how to play the guitar. In that light, most of the kids will love this guitar for its looks and appearance, we guarantee it.

Overall value for the price

The overall value for the cash of ADM beginner classical guitar actually is quite big. Simply speaking, this guitar is not expensive at all. With everything that ADM classical guitar offers, you will hardly find any better choice on the market.

Anyhow, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get this guitar, but you will definitely benefit a lot from it. This means that every feature makes this guitar quite valuable and worth the money. So, getting this one as your first guitar is definitely a good choice.

Is ADM JA101-BK Beginner Classical Guitar Good?

All in all, ADM beginner classical guitar is one of the most convenient guitars for beginners and it will provide many benefits for everyone who wants to learn how to play the guitar. In that light, you shouldn’t think twice before getting this as your first guitar.

Anyhow, it only comes up to you to make a choice and decide whether will you get this beauty or let this chance slip.

ADM Beginner Classical Guitar