Giovanni Dettori turned Adele’s Hello into a Bach Fugue

Calling this genius, the “King of Counterpoint”, will be an understatement. Growing up the Italian had a keyboard for kids, which made his love for music grow. The Youtube sensation was quoted in an interview saying,

“Music has always had a magical power on me. It really has a strong influence on my mood, on my body, on my perception, so strong that I consider it magical”. The counterpoint guru who has mentored and inspired so many classical music lovers with his YouTube videos is also a huge fan of the “Beatles”.

What does songbird, Adele and music composer, Dettori have in common? Their special ways of saying- hello! After successfully doing not one, but three fugues of Lady Gaga’s songs and Justin Beiber, this versatile arranger has done a fugue on Adele’s groundbreaking love song, Hello. His fugue of “Hello” is very melodious and should be heard by all.

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