Adele’s Hello and Mozart’s Lacrimosa come together thanks to The Piano Guys

The Piano Guys are back with another mash-up that blends eighteenth-century spiritualism with very very secular millennial angst. That’s where Adele’s Hello meets Mozart’s Lacrimosa, all performed on electric and acoustic cello.

So what do Adele’s Hello and Mozart’s Lacrimosa have in common?

One proceeds in a minor 12/8 time, the other in a major-minor common time; actually, the former is in D minor, the latter starts in F minor. One overpowers you with a mighty chorus and orchestra, the other is a solo performance accompanied by nothing but a single piano—in technical terms, a “soul piano ballad”.

So, structure-wise, the answer is “nothing”.

However—allow me to use millennial American colloquialism— they make you feel the same feels. Lacrimosa, part of the Requiem, laments spiritual death; Adele’s Hello is a mea culpa on relationship failures (this time on Adele’s part). Both pieces, however, aim for a resolution: eternal rest for Lacrimosa, closure for Adele.

So enjoy Hellocrimosa!

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