9 Best Acting Lessons for Beginners Review 2022

Acting Lessons for Beginners

Acting Lessons for Beginners

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Acting is simply more than an art. It is a state of mind that one needs to put through it. Some people are naturally inspired for acting and they can cover it easily, no matter what. Acting might look simple from afar but it is not entirely true as you have to live the character, imagine it and make it real in your head before you can start acting in front of an audience. There was a time when acting was limited to the theatre only and that was the only genre available for actors.

Times have changed now and today there are so many open fields for the actors. With acting, you can start theatre, TV serials, Web Series, films, or even start your own social media handle. That leaves you with tons of opportunities to grab and it would not be a wise thing to refrain from it. If you are willing to get yourself into acting, natural talent is a must but that is not everything you are going to need to become a successful actor.

Acting is being taught in multiple schools these days and you can even graduate in acting. But there are multiple students who lack the time or resources to join such schools or classes and they are left behind due to the reason. Well, there is nothing to be worried about as technology is making things better and easier for everyone.

There are several e-learning websites that can help you learn any topic, subject, or skill you want at the comfort of your home. These websites also have several lessons and courses listed online and today we are going to review some of the best online acting lessons for you

9 Best Acting Lessons for Beginners Review

1) MasterClass: Natalie Portman Teaches Acting

MasterClass Natalie Portman Acting Lessons for Beginners

Natalie Portman is a name that is widely popular in the world of acting. She started her career as a professional actor at a mere age of 12 and has bagged the Oscar before she could turn 30. She has to thank herself for being a self-taught actor that brought here to the place she is at now.

She has done some most popular movies at the box-office with millions of worth and this is the perfect chance you can get to learn from her decades of experience in the field. This is the first time Natalie has done some course like this.

With the help of this course, you will be getting a chance to learn some of the most complex tricks in the field. Natalie has taken on herself to convey the secrets of mastering a role to all those who are willing to learn. This course by Natalie has 20 different chapters, each covering a unique and interesting subject that can help you master acting in a better way.

With the help of this course and experience of Natalie in the field, you are going to learn how to study a character and put yourself in the shoes of that character. There are also some cool tips and tricks about working on set and on camera in this course.

2) MasterClass: Helen Mirren Teaches Acting

MasterClass Helen Mirren Acting Lessons for Beginners

Who is not familiar with the legendary Helen Mirren? She has done some fantastic roles to make our entertainment more fun and exciting. She has acting experience with Theatre, Screen and even television.

Over her decades' long career, she has earned multiple awards including the Academy Award, a Tony Award, and four Emmy awards. It would be right to say that she is undoubtedly the most versatile actress on the screen today. Helen has not only acted for all these years but gained some new experiences and learned more about acting.

In this course, Helen shares not only her experience of acting over these years but some cool techniques that can polish up your acting skills and take you to the place where you want to be in the longer run.

This course has 28 chapters that take you from the very beginning of acting to characterizing the set and getting into character. You also get to learn some of the best techniques in the theater with the example of Shakespeare. This course by Helen is an all in one buffet to learn about acting, not matter if you want to act in theatre, TV or the big screen.

3) MasterClass: Samuel L. Jackson Teaches Acting

MasterClass Samuel L. Jackson Acting Lessons for Beginners

Samuel L. Jackson is one of my personal favorite actors on the big screen. He has successfully done over a hundred blockbusters, each a marvel on its own. He is mostly known for his popular character in Avengers and pulp fiction.

Nevertheless, Samuel is undoubtedly one of the most talented actors in Hollywood, and in his year's long career of acting, he has lots to share with you. Samuel was also nominated for Oscar but missed it closely.

With the help of this course on Master Class by Samuel L. Jackson, you can learn all there is about acting. From mastering the auditions to analyzing scripts, getting in the character, and finally see your act putting up together, you can learn all you want.

This course got 21 lessons that cover pretty much everything about acting. If your eyes are on the big prize, and you ultimately want to land in the Hollywood or big screen, this is the perfect course for you to join and learn acting from. The course also includes helpful insight on how you can grow your career as an actor and make it big.

4) Udemy: Acting for Adults 101

Udemy 1 Acting Lessons for Beginners

Udemy is the place for you to look when you are in a fix and unable to decide which course would be the perfect match for you. There are tons of courses listed on the website to learn acting and this course is one of the best among all these.

Acting for Adults 101 is the right course for any adult who is looking to make a professional career in acting. Acting is not something that you can just try your luck with. It takes a bit of more than natural instincts and skills and that is what this course is all about.

With the help of this course, you are going to master the techniques that are used by successful actors to ace any character. There are 7-hours of on-demand video with lifetime access so you can not only learn at your own pace but also revise any topic at any time.

You will also be receiving a certification of completion upon completing this course. There are no prerequisites for the course and anyone can be enrolled for it. The course also contains a toolbox that would not only help you learn acting but also teach you how to make a career out of it.

5) Udemy: Directing the Actor: A USC course with Nina Foch

Udemy 2 Acting Lessons for Beginners

Udemy got courses of all sorts listed on the website and this course is a fair example of that. Acting is much more than delivering some dialogues on the script. To master any character, you need to learn the essence of acting and get through the character as your life depends on it. This course is the right choice for you if you want to learn acting lessons from some of the most renowned actors and directors first-hand.

The course also contains 4 hours of on-demand video and of course lifetime access to the course material. No matter if you are a filmmaker, actor, teacher, animator, or a director. This course would be the perfect choice for you to sharpen up your skills, polish the talent, and learn some new techniques that can help you bring out the best in you. This course helps you learn acting by understanding the director's perspective so you can not only turn a character lively but make it count as well.

6) Udemy: Professional 10 Hours Acting MASTERCLASS

Udemy 3 Acting Lessons for Beginners

Acting skills are natural and anyone can possess them. Professional acting however is entirely different as you have to live the character and make it up to the expectations of your viewers. That is one of the core reasons that you need to learn acting properly if you want to make your professional career out of it. This course contains 10 hours of video lessons that would be the perfect choice for you if you are looking to learn acting lessons online.

The course is all about professional acting and how you can get into a character at a quickened pace. Of course, that includes analyzing the script and living up to the character. The course will also help you learn acting for different fields such as theatre or the screen.

 You can also learn how to properly interact with the director and work as a team when you are out there in the field. There are some cool practicing techniques included in the course that will help you move your way up and bring your A-game to set every day. This program is based on the personal experience of how the planner managed to learn professional acting and came out on top.

7) Udemy: Shakespeare Unlocked: Learn Classical Acting

Udemy 4 Acting Lessons for Beginners

Theatre was and still is one of the most major parts of acting. It is the right way to learn acting and that is what all successful actors believe. If you want to start from the very beginning and learn classical acting, this is the best course for you to choose from.

 Shakespeare is considered the legend of theatre and it is undoubtedly the most played, and scene act on the theatre. This course highlights all the important parts of the play and helps you learn classical acting through it.

I am a big theatre fan and I love Shakespeare. It is a role model for every actor and there are no second thoughts about it. If you want to get your steps into acting and don't know where to start with, this would be the perfect push for you.

A complete breakdown of Shakespeare in this course will help you understand the basics and advanced level acting and you can practice along to make it work for you in your acting career. The course will also gain you a certification upon completion.

8) StageMilk: Online Acting Course

StageMilk Acting Lessons for Beginners

Many people tend to believe that acting is only natural and you cannot learn it. Most of them would also say that learning online and skill like acting is not possible. However, that is not common belief and this website with their online acting course is all you need to prove them all wrong. This course contains all there is that you would need and want to learn acting online.

There are beautiful HD video tutorials to help you learn acting, expert advice from 16 industry leaders that are highly popular and successful. You will also get access to practical projects including monologues and scenes so you can practice. Only 20 students are accepted in the class to make sure each one is getting their due individual attention.

9) OnlineActingClasses.com Lessons for Beginners

OnlineActingClasses.com Acting Lessons for Beginners

We have been reviewing some top courses on multiple platforms, but this right here is something very interesting and unique. This is a whole website that you can use to learn acting online. You can get a wide range of resources on this website that can help you get the right command at learning. There is a section for beginners, advanced and masterclasses that you can choose according to your own convenience.

The website is managed by Wendy Ward, a renowned actor so you can learn from her experience. This would be the right choice for you if you want to take the start from the very beginning and get up to the top.

Choosing the Best Acting Lessons for Beginners

These are some of the top lessons on multiple websites that you can learn acting from. You can choose from these lessons based on your needs and requirements to learn acting online and make a professional career out of it.

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