3 Websites to Learn Dance Music Lesson Online (Free and Paid Dance Music Courses)

Learn Dance Music Lesson Online

Learn Dance Music Lesson Online

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The composition of thrilling rhythms to accompany and facilitate the performance of purposefully or spontaneous sequence of human movement forms the foundation of Dance music. This form of music has been trailblazing the worlds music industry, due to its distinct integration of striking musical elements.

Professional Disc Jockeys (DJ's) and composers who wish to share their understanding on this form of music rely on online learning websites such as Masterclass, SkillShare and Udemy to reach out to a pool of dance music enthusiasts.

Through these various web platforms they can share their skills on dance music to individuals with an interest or desire to learn more about dance music techniques either for fun or to expand their knowledge.

On these online platforms, you can receive lessons on dance music either through a live one on one interaction with your instructor or pre-recorded video file.

In every lesson notwithstanding the teaching format, your dance music instructor is expected to demonstrate, narrate and explain each step of the music production using the relevant teaching aid.

To foster and improve all aspects of the learning process on the individual online training program, you will be given full control of where (device) and when (time) you can access your learning material or receive lectures.

3 Websites to Learn Dance Music Lesson Online Reviews

1) MasterClass - Armin Van Buuren Dance Music Lessons

MasterClass Armin Van Buuren Learn Dance Music Lessons Online

Masterclass is an online learning website where individuals with an interest in different vocations comprising music, dance, food, sports, etc can learn more from renowned and top experts in the respective industry. On Masterclass, you can subscribe for unlimited access to premium videos on your distinct field.

In this particular Masterclass on dance music, award-winning DJ, record producer and remixer Armin Van Buuren also known as Rising Star will be your dance music instructor, teaching you all there is to know about Dance Music. There are a total of 33 lessons in this training program with each lesson taking place for approximately twelve (12) minutes.

A single class in this dance music training program costs $90 USD while complete access to the entire class costs $15 USD per month which is charged annually. Before making payment, you can preview your prospective class topics, video footage and short clips, to determine if it is the right fit.

To start streaming video lessons from your dance music lead instructor, you will have to create an account by signing up with either a Google account, Facebook account or email address. After confirming your login details, you need to choose a payment option and proceed to complete your order.

The teaching format in this masterclass is via pre-recorded video files of your dance music instructor, guiding and training you on producing, DJing, finding your inspiration, production tricks, mixing & mastering and so much more.

2) Udemy

Udemy Learn Dance Music Lessons Online

Udemy is an online learning website that allows you to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge relating to your subject of interest or vocation. As a digital solution for learning needs, Udemy is accessible either through your browser or its mobile application.

On Udemy you can search for an online class on your specific area of interest. There are some icons that can help you to simplify the process of finding and choosing a course.

With Udemy's search filter, you can choose to see results of dance music classes on the basis of class rating, duration, topic, level, price, features and language

Also when you use the sort icon, your search results on dance music courses can be shown in terms of the most relevant, most reviewed, highest rated, newest, lowest price and highest price.

On this e-learning platform, you can discover, examine and commence courses on dance music for a cost price of $11.99 USD.

When you select a dance music course, you can preview the rating of the course, the number of previous students, what you will learn, your course scheme, the course description and reviews/feedback from other students of their overall experience and general opinion.

Every course on Udemy comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not convinced that the course you choose is going to fulfil your learning needs on dance music.

3) Skillshare

Skillshare Learn Dance Music Lessons Online

Skillshare is an online learning website that connects professional teachers and individuals who have a desire to acquire more knowledge, skills and techniques pertaining to their subject of interest.

On skillshare, you can search for your preferred course which in this case would be Dance Music, thereafter you will be shown a list of results on various classes and what they entail.

Using Skillshare's filter icon, you can personalize the results shown to you on the basis of :

— Class Type: that is ‘all options, premium or free'

— Timeframe class was created: that is ‘all-time, within the week or month'

— The teachers you follow & Class Length: that is less than 15 minutes, 15 to 30 minutes, 30 to 60 minutes or greater than 60 minutes.

After selecting your preferred dance music class, you can preview the lesson plan, reviews, and any discussion there is.

You will have to sign up for a skillshare student account, so as to enjoy any benefits depending on if it is a free class or go-premium option.

For the go-premium option, you will have to create an account, add your card details and fill in the respective fields including the payment plan you wish to continue with after the expiration of your two (2) months free trial. The premium learning plan gives you access to thousands of videos, tutelage from experts and offline watching.

After the expiration of your free trial period, you will be charged $19.00 USD for monthly payments or an annual bill of $99 USD (that is $8.25 USD per month) depending on the payment option you chose beforehand.

There is also a no-commitment policy that allows you to cancel your subscription anytime you want to.

Choosing the Best Dance Music Lesson Online

Following your passion has gotten so much easier with the internet. With various online learning platforms and training programs that have been developed as an avenue to foster a digital learning environment.

Depending on the platform, you opt-in for, you can receive exclusive video courses put together by top professionals and experts with vast years of working experience on dance music.

Different online learning platforms have their individual features such as pricing, learning materials, lesson duration, course requirements, etc. It is now up to you to browse through each online learning platform to determine which satisfies your dance music learning needs.

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