Yamaha YFL-382 Flute Reviews 2019

Yamaha YFL 382 Flute Review

Yamaha YFL 382 Flute Review

Yamaha YFL-382 Intermediate Flute

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The Yamaha YFL-382 Flute is a high-quality intermediate level musical instrument. Yamaha has long been recognized as one of the industry leaders of musical instruments. The YFL-382 Flute is part of the Yamaha 300 Series and it is middle of the 300 level instrument. The premium sound created by the flute comes from its high-quality design and materials that went into constructing the instrument.

The main body is made from high-quality nickel silver and includes B-Footjoint made from silver plate. The YFL-382 comes standard with an Inline key configuration, but Yamaha offers an Offset key configuration as an option. There is also a C-Footjoint option that can be purchased at a nominal charge. B-Footjoint includes a Gizmo key for additional sound creation.

Yamaha uses only the highest quality materials in order to produce an instrument with perfect balance, tone, and durability in order for their customers to get the best results for their money. The mellow tones created by the flute will remain consistent thanks to high-quality design and construction. The overall strength and stability combine to help create an unwavering and distortion free sound.

Yamaha is famous for including special touches that help all of their instruments standout from the crowd. The Yamaha engineers take great pride in designing every aspect of their instruments including adding pointed key arms. All of their efforts are designed to produce a more consistent intonation over the long term.

Yamaha YFL-382 Intermediate Flute Review

Additional Information about the Yamaha YFL-382 Flute

The YFL-382 is considered an upper-level intermediate flute and for the price, it delivers a high level of consistent sound. There are a number of optional features that can be purchased separately that can be added, such a silver lip plate, which will change the sound characteristics. Due to its price and sound, you will get from playing it makes it a really good value as compared to other options on the market.

A special bonus from Yamaha, the Yamaha YFL-382 Flute comes packaged with a cover and a hard shell case to make transporting it much more convenient for the flutist. The package also includes a polishing cloth to help keep it shiny and bright. There are also optional key bumpers that are made from a very durable neoprene rubber that can be used to replace the cork bumpers that can eventually become brittle and break off.

Who is the primary target?

Yamaha has positioned the YFL-382 flute to be best suited for the serious music student that aspires someday to be performing on a much larger and grander stage. The amazing tones that are created with this musical instrument are perfect for students to learn and hone their music making craft.

The optional features also make it really good for a student to be able to learn as much as they can about playing the flute. Yamaha also makes professional-level flutes that are ready for when the student is ready to make that next step.

Key Features of the Yamaha YFL-382 Flute

  • High-quality nickel silver body and silver-plated Footjoint
  • Gold-plated Lip Plate
  • Pointed Key Arms
  • Durable, Power-forged Nickel Silver Keys
  • B-Footjoint for reaching the ultra-low B notes
  • Open-hole Style Keys
  • Bumpers made from neoprene rubber for durability
  • Includes a complete cleaning and maintenance kit
  • Flute cover and hard case included

Pros of the Yamaha YFL-382 Flute

  • The quality of construction and materials make it very durable
  • It comes with a cleaning and maintenance kit with polishing cloth to keep it looking good
  • The intonation created by its design and features are very consistent

Cons of the Yamaha YFL-382 Flute

  • It is a bit on the pricey end for an intermediate musical instrument
  • Adding the optional features are also very expensive

Is Yamaha 382 Flute Good?

The Yamaha YFL-382 Flute is part of Yamaha's 300-series of flutes, which is an intermediate level instrument from one of world's foremost musical instrument manufacturer. The flute is an integral part of any established orchestra and its unique generations which includes crisp highs and powerful lows.

The thing you will notice first about it is the amazing polished finish of the body which features silver and silver nickel finish. This well-engineered musical instrument was designed to be compared to some of the much more expensive handmade Yamaha flutes. This makes it much easier to put the high quality that comes with Yamaha name into the hands of much less fortunate kids so that they can get the most enjoyment from their experiences with music.

There are several important factors for why the Yamaha YFL-382 Flute is a great musical instrument and one of those in the open key design, which gives the individual player much more control over the type of sound that will be produced by the flute. The two unique halves of the flute are joined together but each of them helps to create a unique quality of sound.

The unique design incorporating a B Footjoint with a Gizmo key makes it possible for the user of the flute to be able to hit the all of the notes in the range down to a Low B. It also is configured with an inline G key and other features that are commonly found on one or more of the top of the line handmade Yamaha flutes.

The Yamaha YFL-382 Flute is a quite capable musical instrument that was designed by the engineers at Yamaha to make it possible for more people to be able to get the enjoyment and special sound of the flute, without having to worry about the high cost of a custom, handmade instrument.

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Yamaha YFL-382 Intermediate Flute